Company Profile

Company Profile

Selip S.p.A. operates in the advanced composites sector, in particular fiberglass FRP and carbon fiber PRCF since 1963.

Selip S.p.A. it is the Italian market leader, in the construction and production of:

  • tanks;
  • underground tanks,
  • cisterns,
  • silos,
  • pressure filters,
  • sand filters,
  • activated carbon filters,
  • cartridge filters,
  • self-cleaning filters,
  • horizontal filters,
  • washing columns,
  • deodorizers,
  • venturi,
  • scrubbers,
  • chimneys
  • chimneys for incinerators and energy plants
  • FGD spray banks,
  • tubazioni & piping,
  • profili pultrusi,
  • fiberglass structures,
  • gratings,
  • fiberglass special application.

Selip have two manufacturing plants, the first in Fontanellato (PR) one hundred kilometers from Milan and Bologna, well served by the ports of La Spezia, Genova and Ravenna, the second in Ariccia (ROME) near the ports of Anzio, Civitavecchia and Napoli.

The rational dislocation of manufacturing plants allows an optimal distribution of products throughout Italy,
Northern Europe and Middle East.

Selip plant of Fontanellato (PR) has a covered area of 7.500 m², and an uncovered area of over 30.000 m².

Selip plant of Ariccia (ROMA) has a covered area of 9.400 m², and an uncovered area of over 16.000 m².