icona-spray-banks FRP Spray banks

FRP Spray banks

Fiberglass FRP - GRP Spray Banks are used on WFGD plants, into absorbers having a diameter from Ø 5000 mm to Ø 25000 mm

Range of production

SELIP FRP Spray Banks are realized for fumes cleaning in the context of power plant a based on combustible:

  • Carbon
  • Oil


With standard parameters

  • Design pressure: PN 2,5 - PN 6 - PN 10
  • Working pressure: 0,5 - 1 - 2 - 3 bar
  • Safety factor FOS: 1:6 or 1:10 
  • Temperatures: from +50°C to +180°C

Standards for construction

SELIP can design, build and test Spray Banks, according to the following international standard:


Patents and trademarks

TOP PIPE Spray® - TPS® system (Sistema TPS®)


Fields of application

SELIP Spray Banks are used for fumes cleaning in counterflow or in equicurrent in the following areas:

- FGD plants
- Sugar factories
- Cement factories


SELIP Spray Banks are designed and built according to the needs of each individual customer, and can be equipped with the following accessories:


  • FRP saddles for connections wth metal beams
  • PP thickness for connections wth metal beams
  • Fixing systems lateral arms (optional)