Search for qualified sales agents

Search for qualified sales agents

We can offer a high quality product worldwide.
To promote our product and to follow our customer throughly, we need a local qualified agent or company able to speak under the same conditions with our potential customers, able to deeply understand their requirements and to assist them before, during and after the delivery of the goods. On the other hand, from our main office we can guarantee strong support, punctuality, speed and professionality.

If you have the requested characteristics or you need further information please contact by e.mail or fax:

Marco Pedrazzi
mail to:

please annex to your request:

  • Name and surname (or company detail) completed with address, phone, fax, mail,
  • curriculum-vitae with references and list of any other companies acting as agent.
  • Type of organization in which it currently operates and any reorganization in case of taking office,
  • short judgment on what you think the belonging market can offer in terms of development.

Areas available:


-    Germany
-    Switzerland
-    Austria
-    France
-    U.K.
-    Greece
-    P.R. China
-    Japan
-    Korea
-    North Africa (of particular interest: Morocco-Egypt-Tunisia )
-    East Europe (of particular interest: Slovenia-Croatia )