Engineering & Project Management

Engineering & Project Management

Selip S.p.A provides to its customers a complete service of planning and orders development

Order development – Project Management

Every single order provides:
-execution of the drawings from Selip technical department,
-parallel with sending the order the customer accepts the size of the tank or manufactured article and begins the construction of the tank body or manufactured article,
-customer has to approve the construction drawing,
-the accessories are fitted (manholes, flanged nozzles, brackets, etc.) in the positions indicated by the customer,
-the tank or manufactured product passes to finishing department and post-polymerization,
-the tank is stored in the warehouse,
-if stated in the contract the tank is shipped free site/factory/customer plant by track.

Average delivery time for Selip individual products

Gratings on hands (“on stock” formula) → 7 days
Tank with normal transport Ø 2500 mm → 30 days
Tank with special transport Ø 3000 mm → 40 days
Tank with exceptional transport Ø 4000 mm → 50 days
Pressure filter → 40 days
Static Decanter → 40 days
Laminar Static Decanter → 50 days
Scrubber till the diameter Ø 2500 mm → 60 days
Scrubber over the diameter Ø 3000 mm → from 60 to 90 days
Chimney → from 60 to 180 days
Spray Banks → from 120 to 180 days


-delivery times refer to single pieces
-solar days

Drawings on order

For each order, tank or other manufactured article, corresponds the sending of construction drawing to the customer.
The customer resends the drawing to Selip with the indication of the positions in plan and section of various accessories (manholes, flanged nozzles, brackets, etc.) and approves the drawing.

Drawings on order

Upon request and for each order, are executed pieces to customer drawing.
Also in this case, customer sends the approved drawing to Selip before the construction.

Drawings on customer code

Selip realize the drawing using customer encodes.
With this method we realize repetitive pieces on order, ensuring the quality of the pieces producted in series.

Analytical calculations

Upon customer request Selip is able to support the customer with analytical calculations that may concern:
-the project of the tanks calculated according to various standards that globally transposing fiberglass FRP,
-climatic conditions; wind, snow and earthquake,
-verification of the single components of Selip manufactured articles,
-calculations on the management of heating/cooling system in support of the tanks,
-other calculations upon customer specific request

FEM & Stress Analysis

Upon customer request Selip performs FEM on fiberglass or metal parts that are integrated or in support of the tanks/manufactured articles.